DIY Citrus Sugar Scrub

I’ve been wanting to try making a sugar scrub for a long time now! Since the weather has been pretty gloomy, I decided a citrus scrub would be the perfect mood uplifter. Enjoy this new essential oil blend and citrus scrub recipe!


Citrus Essential Oil Blend

40 drops Tangerine
20 drops  Mandarin
10 drops Sweet Orange
*** Do not go directly into the sun after using, Sweet Orange oil is phototoxic. Make sure to wash off completely.

DIY Citrus Scrub

2 cups Coconut Oil
1 cup Jojoba oil
2 tbsp. Orange Peel (dried)
Approx. 6-7 cups Sugar
Essential Oil Blend


  1. Add the coconut oil to the bowl
  2. Melt coconut oil to liquid state
  3. Add in Jojoba oil
  4. Add in orange peel
  5. Add in essential oil blend
  6. Stir
  7. Add in sugar until the scrub reaches a somewhat lumpy consistency and it appears that all of the oil has been soaked up
  8. Jar and cap

That’s all! I suggest using the scrub before the “best by” date on the coconut and jojoba oil bottles. I also store these scrubs in the freezer until they are ready for use- it just prolongs the wonderful scent and prevents it from aging.

It looks like this recipe made about 9.5 – four ounce jars  and that’s a lot of scrub!

I’m just now updating this post after almost FOUR years! I’ll be remaking the recipe in smaller batch soon, so I’ll post an updated article with new images in the coming months.

** Note: this post contains affiliate links.