how to use dyson vacuum?

Now that you have purchased or thinking to purchase a Dyson vacuum, there would be a question in your mind. It would be how to use the Dyson vacuum. Fear not, you are in the right place to get the relevant tips and tricks:

Search Online

The first thing that you should after buying the Dyson vacuum is search online for all the relevant and required information. There are online tutorials, articles, and so much more that you easily access. You can visit the official website of the vacuum cleaner and read on for more information. The online tutorials provide you an informative video on how to use a certain product or service. You can easily grab the relevant video and solve your issue. You can also read the articles if you are fond of reading rather than following the visual step by step instruction.

Ask Someone for Help

In order to learn to use the Dyson vacuum, it would be a good idea to ask someone for help. It should be someone who already owns such a vacuum. This person would become your best guide and you can learn the tips and tricks of using this particular vacuum. It is always better to ask someone you are comfortable with. It could be a friend or family member.

Post Query on Social Media

If there is one particular aspect that you find difficult, you can create a query on social media. You can ask people who already own this type of vacuum about the particular aspect. There are many Dyson attachments and you might have no idea how to use a particular one, which is why it is always better to ask. Asking questions is the best solution to many problems.

Read the Manual

Some people might ignore this part. However, every product comes with a manual that can help in understanding how it works. It is wise to go through the manual thoroughly. With technological advancement, you can search for the manual online as well.

Ask the Customer Service

If you think that there is some problem with your vacuum cleaner, it would be a good idea to ask the customer service. Customer service can guide you. However, you have to search whether there is customer support for the relevant product or not. In this case, you can visit the official website of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Reading the product description would also give a brief idea.

Final Words

Technological advancement has brought a variety of changes in our life. We are living in an era of modernization and information technology. Gone are the days when people would be cleaning up their house using the traditional mops and sweep. Now, there are advanced technological products, for example, a vacuum cleaner to make life easier. It would clean up the house and make it spotless. It is a blessing to have such products in life. But, sometimes it is quite tough to understand how to use it. The best part is the availability of information. There is tons of information available online in the form of tutorials, articles, and you can even create social media posts for more information.

how to clean dyson vacuum?

Do you know that this vacuum cleaner will build up dirt over time? It will lose some of its suction after subsequent use. Moisture and particles of fiber are some of the inevitable substances that make the suction to corrode. With that in mind, you should clean your vacuum regularly. In fact, you should take it as a maintenance schedule. This will make it last for years. Here are some of the supplies you should use in your cleaning process. They will make cleaning easier and enjoyable.

  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Magic Eraser.
  • Air Compressor.
  • Seam Ripper.
  • Mild detergent.

As long as you follow this procedure, your vacuum will last longer even beyond your expectations.


This is arguably the first step you should never ignore. How do you clean the canister? It all starts by pushing the button between the red pieces. This will ensure that the outer shell has completely been removed from the cyclone. You should consider throwing the debris in the trash. The process will not be complete if you don’t take the canister to your sink. How do you wash the canister? It is very easy. All that you need to do in that case is to wash it with cold water and cloth. What if your canister is extremely dirty? Use mild dish soap.


What is the best way to clean cyclone? Over the years, using an air compressor and blow dryer have proved to be the most effective ways when it comes to cleaning cyclone. How do you prepare? Take your cyclone and go into an open area. Use your tool to remove dirt particles from each hole. A wet cloth will be best to clean the case.


In most cases, vacuums come with two filters. Therefore you have to take care of both when cleaning your vacuum. You can easily remove both filters from the side by simply popping them out. You should only use cold water when cleaning the filters. Each filter should be dipped in a can of cool water. The number of times mainly depend on how dirty they are.


Are you sure that your roller can end up with tangled hair? It might be a hard task cleaning the roller. Disconnect the soleplate. Your vacuum should be upside down when doing this. You can use a pair of scissors or even a seam ripper to remove away any hair that is blocking the roller. At the same time, you can check whether the belt is functioning properly. You can replace it if it is worn out.


The first thing you should do is disconnecting it from the wand. How can you do this? Pushing the small red side has proved to be the easiest way to release it. Also, carefully slide the plastic U-bend. The hose will be disconnected from the machine. It is good to know that the hose is as straight as you can get it.