why does my wife hate me?

why does my wife hate me

If your marriage is devastating and your wife no longer resembles the one you married, you might ask, “Why do you hate my wife?” This is a terrible feeling when the marriage breaks down, and you feel unable to get something. To do that. Women can be tough for men to understand, especially in matters of love and marriage. No matter what your wife does or what you feel now, you can save your marriage, even if you’re the only person trying. Let me tell you how.

First of all, you need to know the reason for your marriage in the first place. Marriage usually occurs because the couple together creates an environment in which they enjoy. They love her; they want to be always. What happens when this environment changes for one partner? This is what most likely happened to your wife. Her something has evolved in the background, and now she feels different. She may not be able to put her finger on her, but something is wrong. Confusion and/or disappointment may make her think she hates you but is unlikely to do so.

Thus, the task of marriage now is to either restore the environment that attracted you or re-create a new environment that will be equal or even more attractive. The second scenario is likely because couples always grow in relationships. It may be positive or negative, but some growth occurs. So, most likely, the environment you create with your wife will be new and even better than anything you’ve ever thought of! This is quite possible, also if you’re the only one trying.

Some things will be needed. First, you must be calm, confident, and not confrontational. Secondly, you should devote yourself 100% to maintaining a marriage, no matter what your wife does or doesn’t do. Third, you should be prepared to follow a plan that may seem strange but trust this process. Finally, you should be ready to take action without delay. The faster you act, the higher your chance of success! This plan succeeded not only in my marriage but also in the marriage of many other couples, even when all hope seemed lost.

If she tells you she hates you, don’t take her yet. Husbands and wives must live as one, right? Together until the end. Maybe she will have to disappoint her on some, and unfortunately, you feel you are the only one who can do this with him.

You may feel you don’t like him. You may feel unloved or undesirable. Show her that you love her. You should show her as well as tell her. Show her that you love her shouldn’t cost anything. The best way to show your wife that you love her is to do her little things. Help her with housework or errands, these trivialities.

When you do something for her or with her, you’ll see that you appreciate her. You’ll start feeling love again, and you’ll know that she still really loves you.

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